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First Visit to Shoreline’s Hygiene Program at UW

It is that time of year again when 2nd year hygiene students are finishing final boards and are just weeks away from graduation. Dental Connections visits most of the local programs once a year to get to know the students better and prepare them for their first hygiene jobs in the real world. A couple of firsts happened when Ryan visited Shoreline in early May.

Due to a covid exposure the planned presentation in the classroom was moved outside! As dental professionals we all know you have to adapt constantly. Never more so than during pandemic times. Fortunately, it was a beautiful day and it turned out to be a blessing.

The other first was seeing Shoreline’s new clinic at UW. The facility boasts all new chairs/equipment with a beautiful view of Lake Washington. Dental Connections was on the front lines in the fight to save Shoreline’s program and it was so satisying to know this program is secure and healthy again. A small class of 10 graduates this year and by 2024 they will have 20+ graduates again annually.

Ryan Downing with the 10 graduating students at Shoreline/UW