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2018 Dental Connections Scholarship Award Winner

We proudly announce that Lana Nguyen from Seattle Central College is our 2018 scholarship recipient. This is our 4th year awarding a scholarship to a 1st year dental hygiene student. Lana is the first winner from Seattle Central College. Lana grew up in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States when she was 17. She lives in South Seattle and has a very strong connection to her community. She was fortunate to find a mentor who is a dentist. She started volunteering in his office and this led her to pursue dental hygiene as a career. Lana has a very bright future in dentistry and we wish her the best in her pursuit to become a registered dental hygienist in 2019. Congratulations Lana!

This photo was taken at Seattle Central’s clinic. Ryan showed up unannouced to surprise Lana in front of her classmates. A special thank you to Lauren Acheson for setting the surprise visit up.