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Finding a job is one thing, finding a job that is right for you is another.

Our #1 priority is helping you find work. We can help you find temporary and permanent jobs or both simultaneously. Dental Connections is not just a “temp agency”. Half of our business is dedicated to permanent placement and we are known for our interviewing and match making skills. Every single person we represent gets to meet with one of our placement consultants in a confidential one on one setting. In this meeting we want to get to know you personally and figure out job search parameters that make sense for you. We will also give you great advice about the dental offices you are applying to, the quality of your resume, and ways to improve your interview skills.

Temporary Work

Temping is an excellent way to earn extra income and/or find your dream permanent position.  Dental professionals that temp through us set their own hourly rates, work schedules, and offices to practice in.  No other agency in Washington offers this freedom and flexiblity.  We have a huge network of offices for you to choose from and you do not have to be in a new office every single day.  Assignments vary from one day, to one week, to many months at a time at a single practice.  If variety is your preference because you want to meet a lot of offices at once that is easy to accomplish through Dental Connections.

Permanent Placement

Sure, you can find a job these days on your own but why would you when we will do all the work (for free)? We’ve been working closely with dental offices in Western Washington since 1982. Suffice to say, we know the offices, the history, the culture and more. We know how to help you put your best foot forward. We not only help your resume rise to the top, but we help you determine where you’ll be the most happy and most successful. 

To arrange an interview with one of our placement consultants please contact us via text, email, or call 800-588-2101

The most common questions we get from job seekers

No.  Our service is 100% free for job seekers.

This is impossible to answer. Could be a day, a week, a month, or longer. Every applicant’s job search is unique. Your qualifications and job search parameters play a huge role. We will be an advocate for you and try to put you in the best possible situations to help you find work.

Absolutely.  The main goal is for you to find a job and we support all of your efforts.  We only ask that you give us credit if we referred you to an office that hires you.

If you are employed and looking for a new job confidentially you can put your current position at risk by applying to anonymous postings online. Your personal information and resume never leave our office without your permission first. You will always know the names of the offices you are applying to.

The employers that work with us trust and value our judgment. They want pre screened candidates that match their specific criteria. Dental offices specialize in dentistry. We are experts at recruiting and interviewing.