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Employer of the Month | McPhee Dental Group

Once a month Dental Connections features a dental practice we work with that is an exceptional employer. This month we are recognizing McPhee Dental Group in University Place. Dr. Brad McPhee and his son Dr. Sean McPhee run one of the most respected practices in Pierce County. They have such low turnover that we rarely get to place permanent staff with them. However, our temps always rave about the quality of dentistry and welcoming staff.

Quote from Dr. Brad McPhee: I am very blessed to have a great long term staff. We have over 225 years worth of experience in our office. Three of my staff members, Trisha (front office), Rae (dental assistant) and Penny (dental hygienist) have been at the office longer than I have. My staff makes treating patients a joy and keeps the office running smoothly. They make it easy to go to work every day! We are lucky to associate with Dental Connections. Between vacation and injuries, we have had to use their services more the last couple of years. The permanent staff and temporary staff that I hire from them are always professional and well trained.