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Please Join WDHA

What do YOU want?

Stay Current? Research, public policies, and other issues that may affect your professional life?

Save Money? Free/low cost resources: insurance, travel, scholarships & awards and much more!

More, New Friends? Ones who really understand what you are going through in your professional life!

How can you do all 3 for very little financial obligation? Join Washington Dental Hygienists’ Association!

Membership in the Association provides three (3) levels of support to professionals: National, State, and Local at very little cost. Dues are prorated based on when you join. (See www.adha.org

NATIONAL: American Dental Hygienists Association, “is advocating for the profession at the highest levels to make sure our interests are represented in legislation and public policy”. The website is your portal to many useful resources which are included in your membership.

STATE:  Washington Dental Hygienists’ Association: “State chapters connect you with education, advocacy and licensure details to keep you current and compliant”. The WDHA website is your resource for what is happening in Olympia and connects you with Association leadership.

LOCAL: Local components “in your community support you with actions and activities that make a difference for patients and the practice right where you live”. You can select your component based on where you live, work or whereever else you might want to be, in the state next door or across the country. 

We can’t wait to meet you! Join Now!

We are looking forward to helping you get involved in things that can make a big difference in your professional life!


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Please Participate in the 2020 RDH Salary Survey

Please take the 2020 RDH Salary Survey. We offer this survey annually in conjunction with the WSDHA. Once we gather enough responses results will be available hopefully in 4-6 weeks. Please click the link below. Takes 1-2 minutes 👍💰