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June 19th, 2024

Dental Hygienist



Woodinville, WA


Office is looking to hire someone who can help the office flow and be productive. They all enjoy team building events at least once a year. This private practice is very team orientated. This is a smaller office with an easy-going environment, the doctor is very understanding of any needs that you may have. The software used is Open Dental and VixWin X-Ray software. X-rays are taken in the operatory with Nomad unit. Pano/CBCT in the operatories as well.

New patient appointments are 90min, this includes 4x BW, Pro, Exam, PC, FL. If SRP is needed then we can start 1 quad if time allows, or schedule patient back. Prophy/Perio Maintenance recall visits are 60min. SRP on 2 quads per visit, is 90min. 1 quad is 60min. (They never schedule more than 2 SRP visits per day unless it’s a special case and would ask permission from HYG first).